Established - Knowing God 

Main Verses: John 17:1-3; John 10:10; Ecc. 2:17-19


Prayer needs: 

Our church hires- Part-time Youth Director, and Part-time Worship Director

Deborah Cinfio-had a stoke last week and will be coming home from Marianjoy

Pastor Paul Maughan-still needs our prayers.  Adrian is having problems with high blood pressure; doctors are running tests. Dominic Cinfio – spinal problem. Reva Goff-is still recovering, Rosie Krup, Warren, Marilynn Simon (Jen Simon’s mom) has been moved to assisted living, Terry Elder (Linda Van Natta’s brother),  Larry Gabler, Cindy Ross – (having weekly chemo), Nancy Danielek,

Those who have lost loved ones: Pastor Tim’s dad. Lloyd Haskins’ mother (Doris), Battaglia Family, (Mike), Gabler Family - (Louise) Donna Willis - (husband Dick), Steffen Family, Krup Family (Denise)






I.  Jesus came to give us ______________________.    




II. Eternal life is ____________________God.




III. Christianity is about having a _______________________with God.          






Thank you for joining us this Sunday!

Maybe you have your own questions or comments that you’d like to share with us. 

Maybe you’ve never considered that the Christian life is more than just about heaven and hell. It's about having a relationship with Jesus right here and now.  

Why not make a decision to start or build on your relationship and partnership with the Lord this week? The Good News is God has the power to give you a wonderful purpose and transform your life.

Maybe you watched our service, and you’d like to accept Jesus as your Savior and give Him control of your life today. If so, please reach out to us so we can help you.

Perhaps you’d like to share how this message has impacted your life spiritually. 

Please send any of those requests or comments to me at

God Bless you this week.


Sunday Service, 10:00am


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Elgin, IL 60123

phone: 847.742.6818

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