Sermon Notes

Here to There - Dealing with Conflict

Main Verses: Nehemiah 5:1-19


Prayer needs: Dick Willis (passed away Friday), Rosie Krup (car accident) Louise Gabler (very bad fall), Pastor Maughan, comfort for Ken and Karissa Krup, Ted Schnell (radiation therapy and 18yr old niece passed away suddenly), comfort for the Steffen family, recovery for Char Ball, strength for Warren Krup, Larry Gabler (recovery from shoulder surgery).  Our federal, state, and local government officials and their decisions. For all the medical personal and first responders. For those who are sick with the corona virus and the families who have lost loved ones to it. For our elders, deacons, and other church leaders.








1. The _____________ of Conflict





2.  The _____________ of Conflict










So What?


Thank you for joining us this Sunday!

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Maybe you’ve never considered the power that the Gospel has on a life that was far from God or how it can transform a life.

Maybe you watched our service, and you’d like to give Jesus control of your life today, and trust Jesus as your Savior. 

Perhaps you’d like to share how this message has impacted your life spiritually. 

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Never forget, we worship and serve a Good and Wise Father who wants the very best for us. He wants our planning to be in unity with His word and His will! May God Bless you this week.

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