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What should I expect?

Every Sunday could be someone's "First Sunday"

Here at Grace we understand how intimidating your first Sunday can be at any church.

To help alleviate some of the unknowns, we strive to be an inviting community that cultivates

 a welcoming atmosphere for our first (second, third, and even fourth) time guests.

What is your service like?

Our Sunday service starts at 10:00am and is approximately 80 minutes.

Expect the service to open with announcements and a prayer time. This is followed by our community  worshipping the Lord, which is normally 20 minutes long.  This is followed by the main message, which is typically about 45 minutes. After the message there is a response time of worship. 

We share in communion the second Sunday of each month.

What will happen when I visist for the first time?

Expect to be greeted by a friendly face as you walk through the door and assistance from our Welcome Team to help you to find a seat. Ask our greeters any questions that you have and they'll gladly help direct you around the church. If you have children, they will help you find our Children's ministry 

Expect to be greeted by other people in our worship center. Visit our Connections Table in the lobby for prayer, resources for new believers and a welcome gift if it's your first time.

Please don't forget to fill out the Welcome Card available in the pew pockets. 

Will I be expected to give?

Here at Grace we believe that giving is an act and extension of our worship.

However, newcomers are under no obligation to give, nor will they be questioned about their finances. 

Where will my children go during the service? 

We are a multi-generational church and understand you and your children may not be ready to join our Children's Ministry on your first or second visit. Infants and toddlers up to age three can be supervised in the nursery. We have specific age-appropriate services for Elementary and Preschool aged kids.

Programs are free of charge. 

Where are you located and

How do I contact someone with more questions? 

Visit our CONTACT/FIND US page

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