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Our Missionaries


Ken Krup- Awana Clubs Northern and Central IL 

Ken Krup has faithfully served with the Awana Clubs International for the past 20 years. Currently he assists over 200 churches throughout Northern and Central Illinois by providing encouragement, training and resources to enhance the ministry in the community. He also meets with Pastors and Awana ministry directors to determine their needs and issues while providing support to them.

Rick and Susie Maupin- Little Rock Arkansas

Rick and Susie Maupin were called to Missions out of Grace Evangelical Church in 2020. Rick serves and ministers to high school coaches at 4 schools as part of his FCA Central Arkansas organizational reach. Their vision is to reach the next generation by serving as conduits to the Gospel, encouraging disciples to make disciples so that the youth can be reached for Christ before they graduate. Rick says: “because most coaches have a huge influence on their student athletes—many an even greater influence than their parents—I would minister to them and assist them in ministering to their student athletes who would, ideally, reach their schools for Christ. This opportunity includes the privilege and joy to serve to and through our son, Brian, who coaches football at one of the schools I will be serving. To God be the glory. This is a vital work among influential Gospel gatekeepers to reach the next generation for Christ”

Reverend  David M. Isais-Globally Via Isaiah Productions

Rev. David Isais has been serving on the mission field via Isaiah Productions since 1989. His ministry has helped shepherd bibles in Latin America, Cuba and 29 countries in Africa by providing over 3.6 million bibles to those in need. He continues to pray faithfully for other countries that need bibles provided to them and is hoping to expand the Gospel message by providing bibles to various countries such as Venezuela, China and Korea.  

Scott and Carolyn Pouncey-Romania via Rock of Hope Ministries

Scott and Carolyn Pouncey have served faithfully on the mission field in Romania since 2008. In 2020 Scott was promoted to Executive Director of Rock of Hope Ministries of Romania. They work with young ladies in Romania who have aged out of the orphanage system by providing transitional housing for them. They also have a ministry with widows where they provide food monthly, and wood for the winter. They also do a weekly program at a mental institute doing crafts, singing, praying and providing them with cookies and coffee.

Torres Family- Madrid Spain at Evangelical Christian Academy  

Jorge, Ruth, and their family served on the mission field in Brazil for several years. They returned home to Illinois only to be called of the Lord in 2021 to the country of Spain. Jorge and Ruth teach English, Bible and PE at Evangelical Christian Academy. They also work with their local church in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.
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