Connecting With Our Local Community

Ministries, Events and Activities happening within our own local community



Join us Sunday mornings as Pastor Dan Bohyer discusses Freedom.   This Summer Pastor Dan will continue to focus on what the bible says about addictions and in the Fall he will share how to have Freedom in Christ.  This Sunday, July 9th Pastor Dave Bohyer will continue in this series on Live Free – The Fruit of Freedom-SELF CONTROL.  Please join us at 10:15 am for our worship service.  Come and grow in Christ.    
Monday, July 17th – July 21st 5:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Come join us as we combine 90 minutes of active instruction with biblical lessons of how we can discover “Going The Distance” for God. There will be various activities for kids ages 6 – 12 years and middle school age kids from 6th – 8th grade. Here are list of the activities- Team 45 (4 & 5 Yrs old), Soccer (6-12 yrs old), Cheer (6-12 yrs old), Art (8-12 yrs), Adventure class (6th – 8th grade). Parents can register their child now. Go to Summer Camp and complete the form. Cost is $30 per child. Snacks will be provided. Each camper will receive a T-shirt. Camp will run from 5:15 pm – 8:15 pm each night. If you have any questions please contact Laura Kotschi at
Sunday, August 27th
August Baptism Service – Have you believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior yet? We hope so. If you have, it is the Lord’s will to be publicly baptized afterwards. We are beginning our plans now and would love to include you in our August 27th baptism service. Sign up on the bulletin board and or talk to Pastor Dan or Pastor Dave. Let us know.
Our church directory is now available on-line.  The church office can provide you the password.  Once you have the password,click here  to pull up the directory. If you would like to access the online directory from your own computer or device go to You will create a login using the email that is provided in the church directory and then make up your own unique password. Once you confirm your email you will be able to access the directory from your computer.  You can also load the directory to your mobile device by going to the app store and downloading  the “Instant church directory” app.  You will need your email address that is in the church directory in order to access the directory  from your mobile device.  If you have any questions please contact the church office.
the-story_001 THE STORY
The redemptive message of God (the Good News of Jesus Christ!) is the news that informs all other good news or bad news we hear each day. While there is temptation to reduce the Gospel message to a few bullet points, historically the Great Commission has advanced from everyday Christians knowing, living, and sharing the beauty of the Gospel within the context of their everyday lives. In response, Spread Truth is committed to putting forth the centrality of the Gospel message with an unyielding submission to the inerrancy, infallibility, sufficiency, and beauty of the Bible’s redemptive storyline for everyday Christians. Please Read The Story to help understand how it all began and how it will never end. Then share it with your family and friends.
prayer-band-ministry-_001 PRAYER BAND MINISTRY
If you would like to submit a prayer request click here “Prayer Band”. GEC has created a prayer band which is a group of people to assist in praying over individual prayer requests. These requests will be prayed over daily for 30 days. People can resubmit if they need continued prayer after the thirty days.  Be reassured these requests are kept confidental and will be prayed over by a group of individuals in our church. If you are interested in being part of the “Prayer Band” and would like to pray for the needs that come in please contact Dawn Simon at

2017 September – April

If you are interested in learning english as a second langauge GEC is now offering classes. Please contact Ellie Bach (224) 489-1255 for more details.


Connecting With Our Global Community

Ministries, Events and Activities happening around the world

Leadership Vistas International Ministries

Pastor Dave Bohyer is excited to be serving part-time with Leadership Vistas in Africa!  He has been involved in helping train pastors from Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, & Burundi since 2005.  His wife Jan also has served with women’s conferences alongside Dave.  The Kingdom of God is exploding in Central Africa, but the crying need is for trained leadership. 


Click here for more information about this ministry.


missions GEC Missionaries

We have several missionaries that we support. Please click on the link below to read and find out more about our missionaries.

GEC supported Missionaries